Monday, April 28, 2014

Food Prep

Sundays are my day, like many of you, to grocery shop and get food prep done for the week. Most weeks I travel for work so I don't go crazy on this task but on the weeks I'm around it's a huge time saver. I try to keep things on hand at all times so when I do get back from a business trip or get home late from my commute I can whip up a meal for myself rather than get take out... which I partake in more than I'd like to admit. My weekends consist of pizza delivery, take out Chinese, Portillo's, Chipotle, or Buona Beef. Please don't judge me. This is my safe zone! Not all of these are by choice guy is to blame for about half of my fast food choices. I always keep frozen veggies, fruit, brown rice, and individually portioned chicken breasts in my freezer and fruits that have a more forgiving shelf life like apples, oranges, grapefruit, lemons/limes etc in the fridge. I like to have berries and delicate vegetables like tomatoes and asparagus on hand when I know I'll be around for their shorter shelf life. In my dry goods I keep onions, garlic, pasta, chicken broth and wine on hand at all times. My favorite thing to do is prep sauces or soups and freeze them or keep in the fridge for a quick no fuss meal. If I had it my way I would grocery shop every day and only buy what I need for each meal but sadly, this is not an option! Stay tuned for some of my favorite prep tips!

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