Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spa Water

The first time I went to the spa I was with my oldest sister and she walked me through the process of relaxation. You get into your robe, grab yourself a glass of cucumber infused water, a handful of banana chips (or whatever else is out to nibble on) and you go into this lovely serene room full of plush benches and candles while you wait for your massage. This place was pure bliss. For a couple years we went annually and I always look forward to this event...which reminds me, I think I'm past due for a return! The massage is amazing, but that water always reminds me of how peaceful my time at the spa is! It took me awhile but one day I realized, I don't need to be at the spa to enjoy this deliciously refreshing cucumber water! I can make it at home and enjoy the same thing, although I will admit, it never quite tastes the same. Since then I regularly enjoy this beverage I call "spa water". For some that know me, you knew this post was a long time coming! I drink the stuff all the time! I get a lot of strange looks from passer-by's with my water bottle or glass full of fruit and herbs.
I've really expanded this beverage and it's sort of an experience in itself. I love slicing strawberries, cucumbers, lemons, grapefuit, oranges, limes (the million dollar fruit these days) and whatever other berry I happen to have in the fridge. Basil and mint are also delicious to include. Sometimes I stick to just lemons and strawberries, sometimes cucumber and lime, and some days when I'm feeling sort of crazy, I'll mix all the above! Not only does it infuse your water and taste delicious but it takes me back to a place of calmness. I keep refilling my glass or bottle and at the end of day discard the fruit, it turns slightly pale and you wouldn't really want to eat it!
I rocked all sorts of combos shown here and it's really a cinch to do. Just plop in some fruit, fill with water and ice and after 15 minutes or so you can start tasting light notes of whatever you put in there! 
Cheers :)

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