Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Festivities

Today is Tuesday...totally throwing me off since I took Friday and Monday off of work. Feels like Monday although I wish it were already Friday :) I had such a productive yet festive weekend. I spent Monday with my mom baking Christmas cookies and went on a fun "field trip" to Hobby Lobby. Gotta love a 50% off Christmas sale! I did most of my shopping, although most stores were such a nightmare that I ended up finishing up online. Best of all, I got to watch several classic Christmas movies along with a few randoms and relaxed with my guy around our house...err apartment.

Oh, did I forget to mention, we picked a date!! A few weekends ago we signed at a local venue for August 21st, 2015! We also picked our honeymoon destination...hello St. Kitts!! Big decisions done, now for the smaller yet still important details. I only have 5 more days of work until I get to enjoy 8 business days off!! Relaxation is so nice, isn't it?

Even though my mom will kill me I wanted to share a few pictures of our great day together!
Me and my momma (love her Santa pin that says, "HoHoHo") haha :)
Let's do this.
"I'm only taking home a few because I will eat all of them". Thank goodness because I've already eaten several. 
Loving my new tin from Hobby Lobby.

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Bake cookies or make something that intimidates you...one of my New Years resolutions that I'm starting a little early!

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