Monday, January 12, 2015

Chalkboard Menu

A few months ago I bought a chalkboard from HomeGoods and couldn't wait to start writing out my weekly menu. Well, this has sat on the floor of my kitchen for awhile but over the holidays my main squeeze got some power tools which inspired him to finally hang my chalkboard! Amazing what it'll take for men to get pumped about a project...I'm learning the tricks!

Last week I wrote out my menu and to my horror this past weekend...I couldn't erase the chalk pen off the board! I used elbow grease, hot water, soapy water, various towels, nothing. Well that was fun, I thought. But as a last-ditch effort I googled my dilemma, surely, someone else has experienced this, right? Right. I read a few bloggers that said a magic eraser truly was what it claimed...magic! Within seconds my writing disappeared and I can't tell you what a relief it was! Note to self: chalkboard pens write so well and look amazing but don't compare to regular old chalk. At least now I know it can be removed!

Make planning your weekly menus fun, by pulling out recipes and pictures from magazines or peruse the Internet for inspiring dishes and then write out a grocery list for the week based on your menu. This saves so much time (and money) by not having to make trips to the store throughout the week. It also takes the stress off of your already busy day thinking, "what's for dinner"? Sunday morning over coffee and breakfast burritos I planned out my menu, wrote out my grocery list, and got all of my grocery errands done. I even did some cooking prep making my life so much easier on busy work nights.

Try new recipes and keep a master list of go-to meals so you'll remember them. It's easy to get in a rut by cooking the staples but wait too long and you forget about some good recipes! Or you can always ask the people you cook for, they typically remember the good stuff! :)

Please excuse my's never been my strong suit!
How do you keep yourself organized during the work week? Comment below or email me, I'd love to hear!

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