Thursday, April 9, 2015

Getting Healthy

Shocking news-I didn't stick with my New Year's resolution. I started off so strong and quickly fell off the healthy wagon. Sound familiar? Last Monday I started a Whole30 challenge and menu planned for a successful week. The very next day a friend asked to grab drinks after work...and so, I failed my Whole30 just 1 day in. Wah wah. I got back on track until Easter Sunday hit. Here's what I've learned; don't beat yourself up. There's never a perfect time to start a new diet or lifestyle change and there will always be roadblocks or unforeseen challenges along the way. Which is why I'm doing a modified Whole30. I try my best to follow the guidelines but in the nature of my day job, I have to taste what I'm cooking. A bite here and there won't kill me but I'm eating more consciously and stopped grazing all day. I arm myself with a bag of cashews in my purse or apple for the road to prepare for the "snack attack".

One of the biggest challenges I've faced is kissing my vino goodbye (just during the week). It actually hasn't been as painful as I expected! Maybe because I started working out after work or maybe because I have a vino replacement...this amazing new LaCroix flavor.
It's something I save for the evening and look forward to. If the opportunity arises to grab a drink with a girlfriend or your fiance pours you a glass after a stressful day of work...don't stress out. Savor every sip and let that be your "cheat" for the day. No need to think, "well now that I ruined my diet I might as well eat everything in sight". I have definitely used that excuse more than I care to share.

For the next few weeks be looking forward to some lighter recipes or meal ideas that is Whole30 or paleo compliant. After all, summer is quickly approaching and we all know what that means! Bathing suit season and my wedding.

Here's to getting healthy!

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