Monday, April 27, 2015

Reviving Veggies

For those that grocery shop on the weekends, you probably stock up on fruits and veggies for the week. Berries are tough because they only have a couple days from when you bring them home, so I typically eat them right away and wish I had more by around Wednesday!

Veggies are typically purchased for a side dish or snacking but after a few days they could look pretty sad and wilty. I experienced that this week...with asparagus. I bought it on Sunday and by Thursday, when I went to use it, it looked like it had seen better days. Instead of throwing it away I decided to revive it. 
Snip off the ends (about an inch) and place them in a glass of lukewarm water (like you would flowers) and place in the fridge. Within a few hours (or overnight) you'll notice the asparagus is plump and fresh once again!

 Remove the asparagus from the glass and wrap the ends in damp paper towel and plastic wrap. Seems magical but this works with a lot of produce.


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