Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Cooking in Pearls

When coming up with my blog name I was utterly thoughtless. What will describe me, the blog content, and remain neutral in case I want to post about unrelated topics? Somehow cooking in pearls came to mind and although cheesy, it was extremely fitting. I went back and forth for awhile but ultimately it was the best choice. I've always worn pearls and love the costume jewelry look of gold and pearls together. I have quite a collection from over the years and a few staples that I wear on a daily basis. (Like my delicate single pearl necklace from Elisabeth Ashlie).

As a Chef, looking fabulous isn't an option considering you wear unflattering clothes, hair back and constrained, and stud earrings are about all you can sport. (Those checkered pants were rough!) Wearing pearl studs are about as glitzy as it comes when you work in a kitchen and it makes me feel a little bit more feminine. Cooking in my own kitchen is way more relaxed and I can let my hair down and just cook. No matter where you'll find me cooking, I can pretty much guarantee you, I'll be wearing my pearls!

To my new followers, I have some exciting things in store for you and I'm so excited to share!!

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