Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Addition to the Callaway Family..

If I haven't already expressed this, I'm a *mild* crazy cat lady. My parents, after years of begging as a child, got "our family" (me) a kitten when I was going into high school. We named him Toby and he is most handsome cat I've ever laid eyes on! With life comes college and apartments which meant Toby stayed at home with my parents... Until my birthday weekend a few weeks ago. My parents rang the doorbell Friday night and had Toby, with all of his belongings, to move in! I hate surprises but that was a great one! Poor Sean. We're married now, there's not much he can do but be patient and oblige to testing him out. Well, life has just been glorious with my two boys and I think Toby has finally adjusted to his new home! He is very curious with our meals and loves licking any sour candy. He even took a nibble out of my Chipotle burrito last week...yup, he's my cat all right!

If you aren't a cat fan, I'm sorry for this story, and I'll try my best not to talk about him constantly. Our little family has grown to 3 and I couldn't be more ecstatic about it!
He likes his martinis extra dirty, straight up, and with blue cheese olives.
Oh and the irony? Toby and Sean are bff's.

Just a little update for my cat-enthused friends :)

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