Monday, April 25, 2016

Taking in Spring

Sometimes I see something that stops me in my tracks and puts life into perspective. This weekend it happened to have been two things. As some of you know my husband and I bought our first house together last summer prior to getting married, which meant I was so preoccupied to enjoy the nuances of our new surroundings.

Since it's our first spring in this house I have loved walking the property(it's tiny!) on a nice night and weekends to observe what we've acquired. I've learned we have a beautiful magnolia tree, daffodils (small yellow ones and larger white and pale yellow ones), and about 7 tulips! Thinking they were weeds just 2 weeks ago I almost pulled them while weeding but luckily my mom stopped by and told me what they were, thanks mom!
It's crazy how quick these spring marvels stick around for and if you aren't looking, you'll miss them! My magnolia tree blossomed and the next 3 days were cold and windy-taking 90% of the flowers out. I'm really glad I spent that first night taking pictures and standing in awe because if I had waited, I wouldn't have seen this.

My tulips bloomed in a similar fashion. Sunday they were tight little buds leaving me giddy to see what color they were hiding and after a few days of rain they had completely opened! 
I was just thinking about the short lifespan of nature (odd coincidence that earth day was Friday) and went for a walk around my neighborhood to enjoy the spring blooms. I saw sidewalk chalk as I was walking and but didn't look down to see what it was. Fun that kids got out on Saturday to play! It took me a minute but I decided to turn around to see what the pictures were and I am truly thankful I did! This is what I saw. 
We are all so busy with our daily lives juggling work, family, kids, pets, friends, etc but if we don't slow down to enjoy life's little treasures, we'll miss it in a flash. To the person who wrote this in sidewalk chalk, thank you! This weekend was a wake up call for me and I hope you get out to enjoy the little things as well. 

Happy Spring!