Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hitting Publish on Drafts

If I had a word for the current state of my life it would be "draft". In the literal sense, I have many blog and social media posts just sitting in draft. For most of them, they are either too personal or not "on brand" or the photography doesn't seem good enough of the publish button. In the metaphorical sense, I have a ton of visions for house decor, renovation projects, new products for my Etsy shop, and the like. And yet, when I go to start something, the project seems much more involved than I have the time span for. Every day during Graham's nap I try to tackle one thing off my never-ending list and some days I feel so overwhelmed that I spend the entire nap time with the lowest hanging fruit, like laundry or dishes...while scrolling through social media of course.

I need to set better expectations and break down projects into smaller (more palatable) tasks that will eventually get me to the finish line. For instance, this blog. I have so many recipes I'm craving to share here, but I want to wait until we renovate our kitchen so that the photos are clean and crisp. But with each passing month, no kitchen progress equals no blog posts. I certainly can't post new content without a website "refresh". And I can't do the refresh until I feel comfortable pouring money into it. It becomes a landslide of hesitations that I can't even start one project. Do you ever do this to yourself? It's exhausting!

Today I decided to update my to-do list with much more detail. That way, I can chip away at simple tasks and it's much less daunting to get the finished result! For specific home decor items I've been watching...waiting... stalking for a better deal. But who's to say there will be a better sale or when that may even come? The sale it is today will be good enough, I'm certain. I'm ordering them and moving on! I'm deleting posts that are in draft, they only add anxiety to see them sitting there! I'm already feeling better and more decisive with this small shift in decision making.

I'm curious how you tackle daunting tasks and get yourself out of a rut!

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