Monday, October 14, 2019

Kitchen Remodel: Week 4

Last week we escaped our remodel and headed to Florida for a few days for a wedding. It was a slow week in terms of progress, so it was nice to get out so I didn't start to lose my mind. The cabinet company came back to finish install, although they have to come back to finish trim and final touches next week. Our island finally took shape and holy moly, it's going to be so glorious! We abandoned the space where a small kitchen table once went by filling it with a larger island to accommodate 4 or so seats. We have a "formal" dining room and didn't find it necessary to have a second dining table when in reality, we eat in front of the TV so often (terrible habit, I know) and hardly have "formal" dining occasions. We went back and forth on the island dimensions for a long time, but so far I'm pleased with the size given the smaller kitchen footprint we're working with. I can't wait to show you the fun surprises we chose for the island!

The electrician also came last week to install outlets into the island and under-lighting for the cabinets. It was really important to me to add dimming features for both under and overhead lighting and it was such a nice surprise to come home from Florida and see how it looked at night! The electrician will come toward the end of the project to finish up a few things but so far, I'm happy with our choices on canned lights, etc. This was another piece of remodeling that I didn't think would be a hard decision but when it came to placement of lights we were limited to where they could go and the spacing of it all. We spent maybe 45 minutes with the electrician during install changing our plans because our initial layout wasn't an option once they started working. I'm again reminded how important it is to hire quality people that know what they are doing to help you make the best decisions possible with what you have to work with.

While we were away we finalized our decisions on cabinet hardware and backsplash/grout. Now that all the finishing touches have been selected I'm more anxious than ever to see this all come together and praying that it all looks how I'm picturing it!

This week is a big one-counters and backsplash are getting installed! The end is NEAR!


  1. That island is huge! Soooo jealous!

  2. I wanted it about 8 inches bigger but I'm happy Sean talked me out of it...for now! ;)