Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Last Minute Gift Guide: For a Foodie (Part 2)

1.) L'Occitane Hand Cream- Link here. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen then you likely know how often you have to wash your hands. This is a luxurious product for dry hands and would make a great gift (or stocking stuffer) paired with hand soap, kitchen linens, or nice gloves for washing dishes.

2.) Half Baked- Harvest Cookbook- Link here. Cookbooks are so fun to get and collect. After following Tieghan on Instagram I pretty much drool over most of her recipes. This book is on my list and hopefully will be the next cookbook in my bookclub! (Want to join us?! Group details-here.)

3.) Dash Mini Waffle Maker- Link here. This is such a fun waffle maker and makes a single waffle which makes it small and compact for storing. Would be such a cute gift paired with a waffle mix, maple syrup, a whisk, and good quality vanilla extract.

4.) Le Creuset 5-Piece Utensil Set with Crock- Link here. This is on my Christmas list! The colors of the crocks are swoon worthy and the utensils are some of my favorites.

5.) Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven (7 1/4 qt)- Link here. This is such great cookware and it's equally beautiful and functional. When in doubt- you will not regret going with this large size. Especially for someone who loves to cook. The color choice will be the only difficult part of this gift!

6.) Maldon Sea Salt- Link here. There are so many salts on the market that range drastically in price points. This, in my professional opinion, is the best finishing salt. Hands down.

7.) Wooden Cookbook or Tablet Holder- Link here. Something a little unexpected but totally practical! This work great for books or tablets so you don't have to guess which they prefer to use in their kitchen. Bonus- this hangs when not in use to add a decorative touch or to keep off your counter.

None of these are sponsored in any way. Some of the links are affiliate which means I earn a commission on purchased items.

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