Wednesday, September 2, 2020

August Favorites

 I would consider myself a pretty frugal person and don't often "shop" unless it's something I truly need. This said, late night nursing sessions with a tired perception of necessities has me singing a different tune lately! Here's a roundup of some recent purchases that I have either just discovered or have been loving and recently purchased again.

1) I have had these towels for many years and truly consider them the best around. I've always purchased in the drizzle grey but just replaced them for this bright blue color. They are beautiful and I'm loving the different look they give my kitchen!  

2) I had big dreams of working at Williams Sonoma when I was young and as soon as I was in high school I started working there seasonally around the holidays. I discovered and fell in love with the smell of this hand soap and have been buying it (along with the candle) for as long as I can remember! I bought the set with lotion a couple years ago and just keep buying the refill once or twice a year. It seems a little pricey upfront for hand soap but it actually lasts a long time! 

3) We've been moving furniture around and trying to make do with what we have instead of buying new stuff for our house. I moved a console table to our entry hallway and liked the look of a round black mirror  above it. I looked at a few retailers and couldn't quite justify the spend for the vibe I was going for...until I discovered this one from Target. It couldn't be more perfect and affordable! This really completed the space and I'm now considering one for Landon's nursery too. More on this soon!

4) My dad has been making his infamous popcorn since I was little and his trick has always been white popcorn kernels, vegetable oil, and a Whirley Pop popcorn makerI have always wanted one but figured it was another tool that quite frankly, a pot on the stove, could do the same job. But I finally bit the bullet and bought a true authentic Whirley Pop. Not sure why I waited so long but I am so excited about this purchase! 

5) When I was in culinary school I was working at a country club and a guest chef came in to do a beer can chicken demo and used this Cavenders seasoning to coat the chicken. I was so obsessed with this seasoning that I took a bunch of the leftover rub home and used it to my hearts content. I hadn't seen it in grocery stores since but my mom recently reminded me of it and I looked it up on Amazon. I bought a two pack (one for her and one for me) and have been basically using it on everything all month long. This is one of those seasoning blends that just works with everything and is so versatile for good reason. I'll be reordering another bottle soon! 

 6) Growing up, our tupperware game was strong but it was all sorts of chaos with plastic takeout containers, mismatched lids, etc. I vouched to myself I would never get to a point in my adulthood where I hoarded tupperware. Earlier this year I saw it starting! Dingy plastic containers, missing lids, etc. I cleaned up my act and tossed anything that needed to go and replaced with this glass food storage set. After a lot of research for an affordable but good quality glass set, this was among the top for highest reviews. I will say, the sizes are bit small. Perfect for small quantity leftovers or light meal prep. I'll likely be buying the larger size set since I'm trying to be more intentional about making enough of a meal to last for another one. I love the clear class and white seals. This is exactly what I was looking for!

None of these are sponsored in any way. Some of the links are affiliate which means I earn a commission on purchased items.

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