Friday, October 2, 2020

September Favorites

1. I have never been one to fear butter. The more the better! About a month ago I considered doing a whole30 so I bought this ghee (I love all Organic Valley products) and stashed it in my pantry. That round of whole30 didn't happen but I started using it for sautĂ©ing chicken, wilting spinach, for eggs, toast, etc. I love the flavor of it and appreciate the spreadability since I don't often plan ahead for room temperature sticks of butter. This is definitely a new pantry staple for me! 

2. Growing up, my mom always had this pumpkin candy dish out for the fall season and it's pure nostalgia. I love that it's glass because you can keep it out from September-November and it's a touch of fall without being overkill. It's survived several moves and many seasons and is hopefully durable with small toddler hands! I always fill with candy corn but you can truly fill it with whatever you like.  

3. My birthday is in September and my husband bought me this Lululemon "Going Places" jacket in black. I have been needing a casual jacket to wear with athleisure clothes but have been very picky with what I'm looking for. This is it!! It's long, lightweight while providing warmth, and has big pockets for holding all the things while out about. It's true to size but if you are in between sizes I would go with the smaller size. It's the perfect coat for fall!

4. Graham, my 2 year old, just switched to a big boy bed and buying sheets for it was a lot of pressure! I wanted to find something that he would use for awhile (nothing to babyish) and something he would appreciate and look forward to every night. I ended up with these sheets from Pottery Barn Kids and we are both elated. They are super cute and he loves pointing out what everything is. 

5. To add to the above, we've been having major sleep regressions for the last month and a half. He wouldn't stay in his crib, chewed his pacifiers, separation anxiety, etc. It's been a difficult phase but a friend of mine recommended this book and the methods used to sleep train toddlers. It's been just over a week since implementing and sleeping overnight has drastically improved! I am really enjoying this book and feeling equipped to handle all of the difficult sides of a toddler. If you too are struggling, I fully recommend this book!

6. If I had to choose one thing to cook with for the rest of time, I would likely say a cast iron skillet. It gets a TON of use in our house. I have the 10" and often times find that it's just too small for certain things. We invested in the Lodge 15" skillet and truthfully, I almost returned it because it's huge! However, this month I have turned to it more than my smaller one. It sort of doubles as a griddle for me since I don't have one so I've used it for pancakes, egg in the holes, grilled cheese, searing meat, etc. It's large and heavy but it's an excellent pan! 

None of these are sponsored in any way. Some of the links are affiliate which means I earn a commission on purchased items.