Tuesday, November 3, 2020

October Favorites

1) This feels like it should be a January post considering the heavy fitness theme! I've never been into working out but as soon as the temperatures dropped the first week in October I knew Id be in for a long winter ahead with two kids and nowhere to go because of the pandemic. I didn't want to invest in an expensive machine (I had no idea treadmills were thousands of dollars!) until I knew how often I would use it/had a proper place for it. I'm pleasantly surprised at how nice this Sunny treadmill is for under $500. It folds up, moves easily, and was quick to setup with a few screws. Although with it being over 100 pounds I needed help to get it out of the box, so consider that if you live alone. If you're looking for indoor walking/running I would highly recommend this one!

2) I just started using the Sweat app and am on week 4 of the post pregnancy program. I realized on day 1 that I needed resistance bands to do some of the workouts. Again, new to fitness, didn't want to invest until I knew how long this motivation will last for! I saw these resistance bands on Amazon for under $8 and liked the colors, so I gave them a go. Super happy with them for the price so far. Only time will tell how they hold up, but it's been 4 weeks and so far so good!  

3) Our two year old has always been a very good eater but lately breakfast has been a challenge. I started making him "eggs in toast" as he calls it, otherwise known as egg in the holes or toad in the holes. To make them more exciting for him I let him choose the shape with cookie cutters and that has been a real thrill, let me tell you! It also helps to give cookie cutters a bigger role in our kitchen, aside from cookies. This set is great in addition to animal and seasonal shapes. 

4) I wanted to try out the camo legging trend, which is way beyond my comfort level, so I bought these inexpensive ones from Amazon to test the waters. I swear to you, I wear them every other day. They feel very similar to the Lululemon align pants, soft and buttery, but hold you in a little bit! The side pockets are great for things like phone, pacifiers, kids water cup, basically anything you need a 3rd hand for. I will be buying these in black and likely a fun color since the price can't be beat!  

5) When we renovated our kitchen I vouched to myself I would set up systems in our drawers/pantry to keep things organized and stay that way. Of course, if I lived alone this would be an easy task, but not everyone in my family shares the same desire to look like a container store catalog. (wink!) I bought this expandable organizer and it's been great but only lately have I opened it to it's max potential and gotten better about using it. It's excellent for storing canned goods, jarred sauces, backup jelly, you name it! I want more for every shelf. I like that it's level, without a lip, so various sizes can still fit, even if it hangs over a bit. When you don't have as many items or are limited to space, you just adjust the width accordingly. I have a similar one (with the lip around the edge) for my spice cabinets and love it! 

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