Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas Fudge

I have been a chocoholic my whole life and although I have preferences, I never turn down an opportunity to devour the stuff. We did a cookie exchange with my family the other week and my brother-in-law made  fudge that blew me out of the water. I immediately asked him for the recipe, half hoping it was extremely complicated so I wouldn’t make it. Having this type of indulgence at my fingertips is dangerous territory! 

I love to bake, but being precise and following strict processes isn't my strongest suit! Low and behold, this recipe looked easy and was! Truly, you just combine the ingredients in a saucepan to melt, and then pour it out into a baking pan and let it cool. There's no candy thermometer, constant stirring for any great length in time, and no obscure ingredients necessary. I know this is called "Christmas fudge" but this will be "anytime fudge" in my book! The recipe is originally from Delish- linked!

Because of my lack in planning, I didn't have heavy cream so I swapped it for eggnog because I figured the viscosity/fat content would be similar. Surprisingly, it turned out great! No detection of the flavor and the texture didn't seem altered by it. I also used vanilla bean paste because I almost exclusively prefer it to extract. Lastly, I omitted the salt in the mixture but sprinkled a bit of fleur de sel on top with the sprinkles and love the pop of salt to cut through the sweetness. Food for thought! 

Happy holiday baking!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Gift Guide: Stocking stuffers