Monday, February 22, 2021

January Favorites

If I had a nickel for every time I was doing something and had a blog post in mind and basically wrote it out, in my head, I would be very wealthy! However, the transition from it being in my head to typed up always gets held up by a bazillion other things. In any event, I have a lot to share, I just have to prioritize getting it out of my head! If this confuses you, I don't blame you one bit!

Back by popular demand (no real demand, that just sounds important) I have put together some monthly roundups of favorite items. Most are new to me, some are just being heavily used right now!

Glass Food Storage Containers: Going glass has been a gamer changer! A couple months ago I tossed everything that has seen better days (which was almost all it) and replaced it with this glass set. It's all dishwasher safe and stacks nicely which keeps it organized. I also love the white seal around the lid. It just looks clean and I prefer it to a color, which seems to be a lot of what's out there on the market. Love the various sizes for real life leftovers or meal prep.

Oven Mitts: Mitts, like most kitchen linen, feels like a luxury to buy spontaneously, for some reason. Ive had the same oven mitts for years and although they were still in good shape, had shrunk from being washed so many times and were pretty stained. I love this color blue and the size! They are bigger than my older version and much prefer it.

Foot Peel: During the beginning of quarantine last March we got wild with home entertainment and ordered foot peels from Amazon. They were $25 each and although they were amazing, seemed expensive for what they were. I found these for $3.99 and was pleasantly surprised how similar of an experience they were to the Amazon ones, for a lot less! There are a few variations from this brand I'm eager to try out! The other peels are great too and if you're looking for a pamper session (the peeling takes about a week to start!) I recommend these!

Steamer Basket: Steamer baskets are brilliant little tools when it comes to eating healthier and especially handy when you are feeding a little one with few teeth. I used this to make homemade purees and now using it to soften foods to feed in small pieces to my 10 month old.

Ribbed Beanie: I'm not a big hat person but winters in Chicago require warmth over style. To my surprise, this hat is actually really cute on and keeps my ears warm, which is key! 

Air Fryer: Have you jumped on the air fryer bandwagon? I'm definitely not a trendy kitchen appliance person. I don't own an Instant Pot, multi cooker, rice cooker, basically anything that does what a slow cooker or stovetop can do. But this has surprised me! I find that veggies turn out much crispier and I use a lot less oil than I do with roasting. Reheating foods, roasting chicken, air frying veggies, etc, all without having to turn on the oven and wait 20 minutes for it to preheat. I love this thing!

Going Places Jacket: This zip up is a dream. It's long and covers my behind for wearing leggings, warm without being too thick, and very comfortable. I can see wearing this well into spring for outside as temperatures require light layers.

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