Thursday, March 11, 2021

Knives and Boards

I absolutely love when someone reaches out for my recommendation on some sort of cooking related item. It makes me feel very wise and flattered that I'm a resource for these types of things! These days, while staying home with the boys full time it helps to get these questions to prove to myself that I am capable of more than laundry and diaper changing. 

The top 3 most asked are knives, cutting boards, and pots and pans. For very good reason! These are huge purchases and there are so many options out there. While my suggestions are not for everyone based on budget, needs, personal preference, I have had experience with a lot out there and did my research before making these purchases myself. 

One thing I always like to stress is that these 3 categories are investments. You can certainly find cheap options out there but these are items I think is essential to buy quality and you will reap the rewards for years to come. 

I will create a separate post on pots and pans because it's a bigger discussion and much more involved. As for knives and boards, I have two options with different price points that are hands down my favorites. 

If you aren't looking to drop a ton of money of a whole set of knives, I would suggest buying a block and start with 3-4 essential knives and slowly build up your collection over time. To be very honest, there are a couple of knives in my set that I almost never use, so buying a la carte may be a more practical route. Although you typically get a saving by buying a set.

These Epicurean boards are great for every day. I love these because they are easy to clean, don't retain odors, don't damage your knives, and are dishwasher safe, although I tend to wash by hand. The Boos block is a beautiful board that is best used if you keep your board out full time. These are heavy and substantial and meant to be kept on display, I mean, look at them! They come in a ton of sizes and colors but my favorite is the walnut.

Care and maintenance is critical when you have these types of items. Handwash your knives and dry right away to protect from water marks or rust. Keep them sharp by honing every few uses. Don't lay your board flat to dry- this will create an odor from the water underneath. I like to stand it up on a dish towel or paper towel leaning against something to dry on all sides. 

Any questions? Comment below or email me! I am happy to answer them!