Sunday, April 11, 2021

February Favorites

I'm behind, but I'm catching up! :)

I use mason jars for food storage and love the versatility and sizes of them but one of the biggest headaches was the lids. They always rust whether I hand wash or put in the dishwasher. I was replacing them so often until I found these plastic ones. They are universal for different brands and are dishwasher safe! They come in wide mouth as well, so grab whatever size makes more sense for your jars. I am telling you these are a genius and have smiled every time I take them out of the dishwasher.

A flat edge spoon, sounds odd right? I stopped using wooden spoons for a couple years because I was preferring the silicone spoonulas but in the last year or so I've completely flip flopped! I like that they are safe on nonstick pans and the edges really get into the corners of your pans. The handle is comfortable and I love the color of this one!

I had gotten this tower for Graham when he was about a year old and it has exceeded all expectations. Although he's incredibly tall, he still likes to use it when I'm cooking. It's also currently Landon's favorite toy to climb into. It's inexpensive, narrow, pretty for when not in use, and very sturdy. If you have littles and want to get them cooking with you- grab this! 

Are you a lipstick person? I am not. I would always prefer a tinted gloss but rarely ever wear it! Especially these masked days. BUT, I have heard such a commotion over "Pillow Talk" lipstick that when I was in Sephora recently I had to see for myself. I actually didn't like the lipstick that everyone talks about. It's matte and a touch drying, in my opinion. But this one is hydrating and very sheer and gives a little something something. It sort of feels like a glossy chapstick, without the stickiness of actual gloss. I reach for this almost every day because even if I'm not wearing makeup and hanging out with the kids it feels like I have my life together a little bit!

If you have little kids you know that sound machines are life. Each boy has one in his own room and I added this to the hallway between their rooms shortly after Landon started sleeping in his crib. Having white noise in their hallway has been a game changer on all accounts. I love this sound machine because it holds a charge overnight without having to be plugged in. This winter we lost our power a few times due to cold temperatures and it was amazing having this "backup" sound machine that kept going when each of theirs turned off. This is a pretty tiny sound machine but packs quite a punch volume wise! A lot of portable sound machines don't get very loud and turn off after a short window but this one is excellent. I have a backup of this sound machine because it's that important! Also great for traveling, walk snoozes, car rides, etc. 

I have been using these striped towels for many years and love the absorbency and classic look of the stripes. I have several colors but couldn't resist this beautiful pink color for spring!

When we moved Graham to his big boy bed we had all sorts of trouble getting him to stay in his room. I researched many light systems for him and ended up with this Hatch light. It has sounds too but we just use it for the light. I love that you can program their sleep schedule and adjust it on the app manually if you need to make the light change sooner/later without having to go in or throw off your training. Graham loves saying, "see you when the light turns green" or proudly tells us hours after, that he saw it turn green. I couldn't be happier with this and definitely kick myself for not implementing this sooner when we first moved him to his bed!

I have tried many moisturizers over the years but continuously come back to this one. It is so hydrating without leaving a greasy residue, which is my biggest pet peeve with others. I also love the smell of it. While others have an off-putting floral scent this has a very subtle spa-like aroma. It's a little cooling when you put it on and a little goes a long way, which helps stretch the product out! I love the eye cream too. 

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