Wednesday, April 21, 2021

March Favorites


I've always had dry feet and love the foot masks that peel (it's so satisfying!) but I've been using these pumice blocks a couple times a week in the shower and my feet have never been softer! I lotion them afterwards and I am in awe at what a miracle worker these little stones are. Buy a pack and prep for warmer weather now, you won't regret it!

I wish I could say I wear stretchy headbands for working out but the reality is, I need these to contain the postpartum regrowth! It's a real doozy these days and headbands (plus tons of hairspray) are necessary to keeping these pieces from sticking straight up! I like that this one isn't as tight as others but still relatively stay in place. I do wear it to workout as well and it does what it's supposed to! 

As a stay at mom I basically live in athleisure! Now that I've actually started working out I have stronger opinions about the clothes aside from them just being comfy. This is my first time trying this brand and I have to say I'm impressed! I love that this shirt is lightweight and isn't tight but isn't too flowy. I love the hem length with yoga pants because theres a little bit of coverage but it isn't too long to wear with shorts. For under $30 this feels much more luxurious and I already have two other colors in my cart!

Several years ago I bought a pair of Tracker shorts from Lululemon and have loved them ever since. Post baby #2 I felt like I needed a little more stretch in the waistband and ended up trying these Speed Up shorts and love them so much! They smooth things out without being a true high waist and I like the overall fit. The 4" feels like the perfect length and I'm 5'6" for reference. I'll be buying these in multiple colors to wear this summer but for now I'm enjoying them for inside workouts. 

Emerging out of a midwest winter is something special, let me tell you! Unless you've gone away to get some sun somewhere, it's pretty likely you could use a little glow to get you through the spring. I have heard about these tanning drops and figured March would be a good time to test these out because we're still stuck inside if things don't go well! I started slow, like a drop to a normal amount of face moisturizer, once per week and it did add a subtle glow! I could probably bump to either 2 drops or increase the frequency but for now, I'm happy with it! I have added to my body lotion once to test my arms/chest and it wasn't noticeably tanner but I will likely continue this regime as we get into warmer weather and need to put more skin on display. These are a touch pricey but I can tell this bottle will last forever and I don't find the smell to be offensive as I do other self tanners.

This dress is what warm weather dreams are made of! I love a good gingham moment and when I saw this online I knew it had to be mine. I love that the straps adjust with the back detailing, which is adorable, and also functional! I think sizing is a touch generous, so if you're in between sizes I think you could go down one. Otherwise it's just a roomy true to size that can be adjusted as I mentioned with the straps! I will be wearing this all summer long and with a denim jacket all spring!

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